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Xomnia cares
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Xomnia contributes to innovation in medical image recognition

Xomnia is taking part in ground-breaking research in medical image recognition. Together with the department of radiology of the AMC hospital and the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam, Xomnia will develop a deep learning and computer vision model that will potentially save lives.

The model will be able to make comparisons between multiple medical images of a patient, for example to analyze how a disease is progressing. Current image recognition solutions are not robust enough to handle the deformation between images in many cases, and are therefore not useful in clinics. Xomnia has committed to help overcome these challenges by developing a so-called MODIR-model (“Multi-Objective Deformable Image Registration”). Over the next four years, Xomnia will work with AMC and CWI to make this a reality.

The main challenge for the model is dealing with the deformation between images. But just as important is that the software solution should be easy to use for the end-user. Xomnia is putting its data science and data engineering expertise to the test in helping AMC and CWI with both these challenges.

We are really glad and humble that we are able contribute to this research program. We can’t wait work with the experienced research team to start building a robust deep learning/computer vision model that can potentially save lives. A little bit more information about this project is to be found here (in Dutch).

Xomnia and Liliane Foundation

We are realizing our dreams, and want to help others fulfill theirs. That is why Xomnia has chosen Liliane Foundation via Sharing Success as our Corporate Social Responsibility partner in the Netherlands. Liliane Foundation is a Netherlands-based charity supporting children and youngsters with disabilities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Through local partner organizations, they are provided with education, healthcare, social support, and access to work- and income.

Xomnia currently supports a project in Guatemala, where local partner organization ADISA provides children and youngsters with a visual impairment access to Braille training and materials, orientation techniques, and other support. In 2017 Xomnia has helped purchase computers with special software for visually impaired students. The speaking software and other tools enable children to go online, read spreadsheets, and other documents etc. This way they can access tailor-made education opportunities and improve their chances for future success. More info? Check out this June 2017 project report (in Dutch).

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