Xomnia is a word combining the letter ‘X’ – the unknown – and “Omnia” – Latin for everything. Our team of data scientists and big data engineers are trained to find the undefined – X – in all the relevant data sources – Omnia. This unknown – X – is untapped business value. Combining the X and Omnia you get the Xomnia spirit. Eager, curious and dedicated people, who have the belief that the future is big data.

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XomniaNewsMeet our first Big Data Booster, Mark Booster

Meet our first Big Data Booster, Mark Booster

It’s all in the name, let’s meet our first Big Data Booster, Mark Booster! Mark, can you tell us what you do as a Big Data Booster? ‘As a Big Data Booster, I will be involved in the branding of our platform Big Data Gemeenten, expanding the university network and our traineeships. Currently, I am working on something very exciting but we can’t announce it yet. But stay tuned… So as a Big Data Booster I will give a boost to the platforms we are working on.’ Mark that sounds awesome, welcome aboard!

Big Data Booster

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